Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea (PNG) was one of the last inhabited places on Earth to be explored. Travelers to this wild and beautiful island nation are in store for plenty of surprises: a country of extraordinary natural beauty, wildlife and astonishing cultural diversity. With an incredible 750 separate languages still spoken, the country has tribal cultures as diverse as its flora and fauna. Scuba diving, trekking, beaches, river cruises and rafting, jungles, animal and bird watching, saltwater fishing, tribal cultures, cave exploration and orchids are the main attractions of PNG.

Papua New Guinea is a veritable smorgasbord of colour, culture and excitement. Perhaps the best way to wutness all these elements is to attend one of the cultural shows. The shows bring together singsing groups from all over the country in an amazing once in a lifetime experience.

Papua New Guinea is recommended only for flexible, seasoned travelers interested in excellent scuba diving or primitive cultures. We do not recommend the country to inexperienced travelers, those who require world-class hotels or anyone whose trip would be ruined by mosquitoes, heat, humidity, delays or schedule changes. Organized tours are highly recommended for all but the most adventurous visitors who have plenty of time.


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Wonders of Papua New Guinea from $5,999 per person (Land Only)

9 Days/8 nights: The Wonders of Guinea Explorer takes the intrepid explorer on a journey through Papua New Guinea, traversing the massive Central Ranges, visiting ancient cultures and seeking exotic animals. More..

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Mount Hagen Show - Panorama Tour from $12,414 per person*

The Panorama Show is a fully escorted 13 day/12 night program that provides a stunning view of Papua New Guinea. The journey begins with the spectacular Mt Hagen Cultural show, providing an incredible vista of cultures from all over Papua New Guinea. In a land of nearly 800 languages, there is no better place to see so many gathered in one place.

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