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There's nothing like Australia to make you feel welcome. And down under, every good adventure starts with a G'Day! If you have been dreaming about snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef, cruising on Sydney Harbour, getting "Outback," or interacting with koalas and kangaroos, the time to travel is now! Our Come & Say G'day itineraries below include some of the best Australian vacation packages you'll find down under. We can customize an itinerary to fit your time, budget, and interests;  contact one of our expert travel consultants to start planning your trip - we can't wait to say G'day!

Contrasts of Australia - Melbourne, Great Barrier Reef, Sydney from $4,199 per person including international flights

15 Days/12 Nights: Experience the cosmopolitan city of Melbourne, the World Heritage Listed Great Barrier Reef, and the stunning harbor city of Sydney on this independent trip fully inclusive of flights, 4* accommodations, transfers, and small group tours.

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Melbourne, Hobart & Tasmania and Sydney from $4,499 per person including international flights

16 Days/13 Nights: Experience the cosmopolitan city of Melbourne, the Island state of Tasmania and historic capital Hobart, and the stunning harbor city of Sydney on this independent trip, fully inclusive of flights, accommodations, transfers, and small group tours.

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From East to West Australia & swim with the whale sharks from $6,499 per person, including international flights

16 Days/13 Nights: Swim alongside the whale sharks off of Australia's Ningaloo Coast. Ningaloo Reef is vastly different to the Great Barrier Reef, you're able to snorkel right from the shore in the morning and swim with these gentle giants later in the afternoon. Also includes a stays Australia's metropolitan cities, Perth and Sydney. This package has it all!

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Brisbane, The Whitsunday Islands Great Barrier Reef & Sydney from $2,999 including international flights

13 Days/10 nights: Enjoy an active Australia adventure, including the cosmopolitan cities of Brisbane & Sydney and the stunning Whitsunday Islands. This independent daily departure trip includes flights, 4.5* accommodations, transfers, and small group tours.

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Adelaide, Kangaroo Island, Great Barrier Reef & Sydney from $4,999 Including International flights

15 Days/12 Nights: Start your adventure with Australia's Galapagos, Kangaroo Island, and up-close wildlife encounters with Australia's native animals in their natural habitat; Enjoy Adelaide and the Barossa Valley wine country, the World Heritage Listed Great Barrier Reef & Daintree Rainforest, and the stunning harbor city of Sydney.

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Australia Nature & Wildlife - Adelaide, Eyre Peninsula, Ayers Rock & Sydney from $3,999pp including international flights

13 Days/10 Nights: This two-week itinerary commences in the South Australia capital of Adelaide and takes you to the stunning Eyre Peninsula to experience kangaroos, wallabies & koalas up close. Continue to Uluru and the awe-inspiring Ayers Rock before ending in the harbor city of Sydney. Enjoy free hotel nights and special touring offers as we transport you around Australia.

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Sensational Sydney from $2,499 per person including international flights

8 days/5 nights: Experience the stunning harbor city of Sydney on this independent trip fully inclusive of flights, 4.5* accommodation, transfers, and small group tours.

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Best of Australia - Melbourne, Great Ocean Road, Ayers Rock & Sydney from $4,999 per person, including international flights

15 Days/12 Nights: Experience the cosmopolitan city of Melbourne, Australia's most scenic highway - the Great Ocean Road, awe-inspiring Ayers Rock, and the stunning harbor city of Sydney on this independent trip, fully inclusive of flights, 4* accommodations, transfers, and small group tours.

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Lizard Island, Daintree Rainforest, Sydney & Melbourne including international flights from $9,399 per person

17 days/14 nights: This Ultimate honeymoon/romance luxury package is full of special values and free nights! Commence your 17-day itinerary by arriving in the vibrant city of Brisbane, the capital of Queensland. Onwards to the magical Lizard Island, the most northern Island resort in tropical Queensland, located directly on the Great Barrier Reef. From the island, you will then travel to the ancient Daintree Rainforest. Onto the stunning harbor city of Sydney. A short 90-minute flight to the cosmopolitan city of Melbourne, where you will end your Australian adventure

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There has never been a better time to travel to Australia. There are no Covid restrictions; the US dollar is at a high against the Australian dollar, allowing us to provide exceptional value for all the fantastic experiences Australia offers.

Itinerary customization and Air Upgrade options for Premium & business class are available, contact one of our expert travel consultants for more information about our Australian vacation packages.


Why Choose Aspire Down Under for Your Australian Vacation?

At Aspire Down Under, our international team of travel professionals is dedicated to providing you the best possible Australian vacation experience with vacation packages customized to fit your schedule, interests, and budget.

An Australian vacation is an adventure from start to finish - a flight halfway around the world to the Land Down Under, an island continent nearly as large as the continental 48 states. So if you want to get the full Australia experience, there will be plenty to do, plenty to see, and plenty of travel - even after your arrival Down Under. That's why we always recommend a vacation package to all our mates who come to us for help with their Australian vacation.



Custom Journeys

Aspire Down Under is dedicated to crafting custom journeys that will live long in the memory and that compliment your individual wants and needs. We understand planning a trip can be overwhelming. Our vision and goal is to offer journeys which reflect our spirit. Every day we strive to offer authenticity, service and advice.



Aspire Difference

As destination experts we want your trip reality to exceed expectation, our destinations, transfers, tours and accommodation reflect our expert knowledge and our client feedback.



Planning Your Journey

We will answer your questions, offer plenty of advice and start planning your itinerary outline. You will work with the same dedicated travel expert for all your dealings with Aspire to ensure consistency and knowledge of your information.


What Makes Our Australian Vacation Packages Unique?

From the iconic Sydney harbor, with the "sails" of the Opera House flying proudly above, to the idyllic, isolated beaches and the beautiful rolling hills along the Swan River of Perth (only 2,444 miles away), from the delights and surprises, twists and turns of the arcades and laneways of multicultural Melbourne to the secluded, lush, and verdant rainforest of Daintree (only 1792 miles away), we at Aspire Down Under have combed Australia from east to west, north to south, to find the very best Australian vacation experiences to craft our premade and custom vacation packages.

Outdoor adventure, arts and culture, sports, romance, scenic sightseeing, wildlife - no matter what your passions, interests, or the items on your bucket list are, Australia has so much in store for you - and our vacation packages make your Australian adventure easy, convenient, and efficient.

Why be forced to choose between the hassle of booking an itinerary that includes multiple in-country flights, hotels and experiences, or missing out on a single bit of your dream Australia vacation? Our Australian vacation packages take away all the stress and uncertainty of international travel and provide you with a clear, efficient itinerary that makes the most of your time Down Under.



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The Benefits of a Customized Australian Vacation Package

Best of all, all our vacation packages are 100% customizable! Want to spend a few extra days in any one or more of the incredible locales the Lucky Country has to offer? No worries, mate! A quick switcheroo from one or more activities to others? We've got ya! Got a special bucket list item that you've just got to check off? We can add it, or build your entire Australian adventure around it with a vacation package made just for you!

At Aspire Down Under, we're your best mates for every step of your Australian vacation, with the best-researched, customized, and managed vacation packages around.


Australia welcomes US travelers with an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) to enter Australia

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Making Your Australian Adventure Easy and Efficient

We don't just help you plan the perfect Australian vacation adventure, either - we'll have your back every step of the way, from putting together the perfect vacation package to make your Australian dream vacation come to life, to handling all your travel and accommodations, to around-the-clock support to help you through any unforeseen circumstance, from bad weather and travel delays to personal emergencies.

Aspire Down Under's top travel advisors, our contacts in the Australian tourism industry, and participation in Tourism Australia's "Say G'day" program enable us to provide our international mates with the very best Australia has to offer, with vacation packages customized to your dreams and your budget, with unbeatable convenience.

We hear you've been dreaming of Australia - let's make that dream come true together. Contact us and "Say G'day" to one of our travel advisors to begin planning your perfect Australian vacation package today.



Client Testimonials

We always appreciate our client reviews, your experiences enhance our knowledge.

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Our best vacation ever - we didn't want to get on the plane in Sydney. We can't pick one favorite place - they all had something special!

Highly recommend! Great suggestions and reworked our itinerary multiple times to help us include the activities we wanted within our budget!


Australia Vacation Frequently Asked Questions

Please find answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you have additional questions please contact us.

Australia is a vast country with plenty of destinations to explore. Some of the most popular places to visit in Australia include Sydney, Melbourne, the Great Barrier Reef, Uluru (Ayers Rock), the Whitsunday Islands, the Gold Coast, the Great Ocean Road, and the Blue Mountains. Each destination offers unique experiences and attractions, from natural wonders to cultural landmarks and city sights. We can help you plan your Australian vacation package to include your top destination choices.

The best time to visit Australia depends on where you're going and what you want to do. Generally speaking, the summer months (December to February) are the busiest and most popular, with warm temperatures and plenty of events and festivals. However, some destinations may be more crowded or expensive during this time. The fall and spring months (March to May and September to November) offer milder weather and fewer crowds, while winter (June to August) can be chilly but still enjoyable for winter activities like skiing. We can help you choose the best time to visit based on your preferences and travel plans.

Australia offers a wide range of accommodation options, from budget-friendly hostels and campsites to luxury hotels and resorts. You can also stay in holiday apartments, bed and breakfasts, or private villas, depending on your preferences and budget. We can recommend the best accommodations based on your travel style and itinerary.

The ideal length of stay in Australia depends on how much of the country you want to see and what activities you want to do. For a comprehensive tour of the country, we recommend at least two to three weeks, but you can still have a fantastic experience in one to two weeks if you focus on a specific region or activity. We can help you plan your itinerary and suggest the best length of stay for your vacation.

Australia is a large country, so the best way to travel around depends on your itinerary and preferences. Some popular options include renting a car or campervan, taking domestic flights, or traveling by train or coach. We can help you plan your transportation and suggest the best options based on your travel plans.

Australia offers plenty of exciting activities for all types of travelers. Some popular activities include exploring the Great Barrier Reef, hiking in the Blue Mountains, surfing in Byron Bay, road tripping along the Great Ocean Road, and wildlife spotting in Kangaroo Island. We can help you plan your itinerary to include your top activity choices.

Australia is generally a safe country for travelers, but it's still important to take precautions and stay aware of your surroundings. Some tips for staying safe in Australia include carrying a copy of your passport and other important documents, staying in well-lit areas at night, avoiding carrying large sums of cash, and being aware of potential scams or pickpocketing. We can provide you with more detailed safety tips and advice for your Australian vacation.