Terms & Conditions

The following booking conditions form the basis of your contract with Aspire Down Under LLC and Aspire Vacations LLC (dba Aspire Down Under LLC) and you should therefore read them carefully. In these conditions, ‘we’/’our’/’us’/’ourselves’ means Aspire Down Under; ‘you’/’your’ refers to the customer. References to ‘suppliers’ means all third parties who provide services to you including airlines.

Aspire Down Under purchases transportation, hotel accommodations, tours, and other services from various independent suppliers unrelated to Aspire Down Under LLC. In using the services of Aspire Down Under to purchase & reserve such transportation, accommodations, tours and other services you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions by which we agree to provide services. All services are non-transferable once purchased.

The cost of your vacation

Aspire Down Under quotes/itineraries are quoted in US Dollars based on the current exchange rate for the Australian, New Zealand or Fijian dollars, Euro or respective local currency. We reserve the right to adjust prices due to fluctuations in foreign exchange rates. To absolutely guarantee your package price we highly recommend paying your balance in full upon receiving your confirmed itinerary and invoice. Your deposit payment confirms your trip arrangements are reserved but does not guarantee the package price, should a currency readjustment be necessary, your total package price will be recalculated at the current exchange rate. If you wish to make a partial payment or pay your balance at any time between confirmation of your itinerary and six weeks prior to departure, your total package price will be recalculated at the current exchange rate on the date that we receive the request. If your balance is not paid in full at the time of confirmation nor a request received to pay your balance outside six weeks before departure, your travel consultant will email you an updated invoice seven weeks before departure with final payment to be received no later than six weeks before departure. Once full payment is received your package price is no longer subject to currency fluctuation. If payment is not made in full on time, we, or the supplier as applicable, reserve the right to treat the booking as cancelled by you and apply the cancellation charges set out below

All prices on our Itineraries/quotes, website & brochures reflect a 3-4% discount for purchases made by check / wire transfer / Zelle. There are no discounts for purchases made by credit cards.

A $25 service fee will be charged for any check payment whereby the check is returned to Aspire for non-payment.

All Prices listed on www.aspiredownunder.com & brochures are ‘from’ prices in US$ and clearly specified as per person or per room. Prices listed on an Aspire Down Under itinerary and website packages include US/Foreign Govt. fees and taxes and fuel surcharges of approx. $100-$500 per person and September 11th Security Fee of up to $10 per person. Full airline tax breakdown will be provided upon request.

Aspire Down Under reserves the right to pass on in full at any time an increase on vacation arrangements that may be introduced by a supplier. The suppliers and we also reserve the right to correct errors at any time before and after the booking is confirmed. You will be given a current price at the time of booking.

Prices will not be changed after full payment has been received by Aspire Down Under for the final invoice price.

Child Infant discounts apply for most airline tickets and accommodation/tour services. A child is generally deemed as individual under 12 years and an infant under 2 years. Please ask your Aspire Down Under consultant for applicable child/infant prices. Please be aware that certain resorts, lodges and accommodations do not permit children under a certain age and as such if one of your party is a child under 18 years it is imperative you notify your Aspire Down Under consultant at the time of quote preparation or reservation.

Making your Booking

A non-refundable deposit is required at the time of making the reservation, your Aspire Down Under consultant will advise the specific deposit amount. Full payment may be required at the time of reservation for advance purchase hotel rates, peak season hotel stays, certain custom itinerary tours, rail journeys, cruises and exclusive island resort hotels. Your Aspire Down Under consultant or travel agent will advise you of the required non-refundable deposit at the time of making your reservation. Receipt of a deposit payment is full acknowledgement that you have read in full our terms and conditions.

Where we are able to do so we will confirm your arrangements immediately upon receipt of the deposit so that your vacation is secured. Sometimes, we are unable to confirm certain arrangements immediately (for example: where accommodation is only available upon request) and in this case, we shall confirm all arrangements to you once we have received the supplier confirmation(s). In the unlikely event a hotel/tour choice is fully booked your Aspire Down Under consultant will offer a suitable alternative.

In addition to the non-refundable ground arrangements deposit your Aspire Down Under consultant will inform you if your airline reservations (if applicable) require full payment. Most airline reservations require payment in full to guarantee the reservation and the airfare. It is imperative that the names on your airline reservations match the names on your passports and as such you must provide a copy of the picture page of the passport for each traveler on the reservation. A US$100 change fee per ticket plus any applicable fare difference will apply for incorrect name information supplied resulting in a ticket reissue.

The airline tickets sold to you often carry highly restricted rules. All airfares are nonrefundable unless you are specifically advised by your Aspire Down Under consultant. Please contact your Aspire Down Under consultant for specific fare rules prior to ticket issue.

Payment may be made by check, cash, wire transfer, MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Discover. For payments made by check within three weeks of departure we require a certified bank check. For payments made by wire transfer, any related transaction fees in the sending of funds to or receiving funds from Aspire Down Under are your responsibility.

If payment is by credit card, a signed Credit Card Authorization Form is required for each charge which will acknowledge you have authorized us to charge your credit card and have read, understand and agree to the Terms & Conditions. To obtain a copy of this form, contact your travel consultant. Travel documents cannot be released until a signed credit card form is received for each charge.

All prices on our Itineraries/quotes, website & brochures reflect a 3-4% discount for purchases made by check / wire transfer / Zelle. There are no discounts for purchases made by credit cards.

Changes to your booking

Should you wish to make changes to your final confirmed travel itinerary you must notify us as soon as possible. Whilst we endeavor to assist we cannot guarantee we will be able to meet any such requests and cancellation of a previously confirmed service will be subject to the cancellation conditions set out below under “cancellation of your vacation”. Any amendments to an airline ticket departure date or routing will be subject to the airline amendment fees plus $100 per person. For certain airfares, changes cannot be made after reservations have been ticketed.

Cancellation of your vacation

Cancellation of your trip must be received in writing. Your ground arrangements cancellation charges are calculated as at the date when we receive the written cancellation and as a percentage of your package price less any non-refundable arrangements as outlined in your confirmed itinerary. Travel insurance premiums are non-refundable if you cancel. Most airline tickets are non-refundable once purchased; however, should any refund apply, we will process the refund on your behalf, and an administration fee of $100 per person per ticket will apply.

Your package price is a combination of wholesale and highly restricted advance purchase rates and as such the penalty for cancelling your booking is not fixed depending on the components booked on your behalf. Should you cancel, your Aspire Down Under travel consultant will outline the non-refundable portion of your ground and air arrangements and the balance of your trip cost will be subject to the cancellation percentage penalties as outlined below.

Depending on the reason for cancellation, you may be able to claim for these cancellation charges under your insurance policy. Claims should be submitted directly to the insurance company concerned. Where any cancellation reduces the number of passengers traveling together on a family, friends or group trip we will recalculate the updated package price and re-invoice you accordingly.

Period before departure
(Within which written notice is received)
Cancellation charges
43 days or more Deposit + nonrefundable hotel reservations + non-refundable/penalty airline tickets
42-30 days 25% of ground trip cost + nonrefundable hotel reservations + non-refundable/penalty airline tickets
29-22 days 50% of ground trip cost +non-refundable hotel reservations + non-refundable/penalty airline tickets
21-15 days 75% of ground trip cost+ nonrefundable hotel reservations + non-refundable/penalty airline tickets
14 days-Day of departure/during tour 100% of ground trip cost, ETA fee + non-refundable/penalty airline tickets
During Trip 100% non-refundable of all trip arrangements

Travel insurance

We strongly recommend you purchase travel insurance providing coverage for loss of deposit, cancellation fees, medical expenses, lost baggage and other potential travel-related losses under certain circumstances. To be covered for pre-existing medical conditions it is a requirement that your purchase your insurance policy at the time of deposit or prior to paying your final balance, please ask your Aspire Down Under travel consultant for more details regarding the best policy options to cover you for your trip. Please read the different policy options carefully to ensure you are adequately covered.


Before committing to your trip please ensure you hold a valid passport with at least six months’ validity from the date you plan to return to the USA. All passengers require a passport for entry into Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Tahiti, Papua New Guinea and other South Pacific countries. An Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) is required by all US citizens to enter Australia. Aspire Down Under can process the ETA on your behalf. It is the passenger’s responsibility to have a valid passport and the necessary visas for the countries being visited. Should you change your passport after your vacation has been confirmed and airline tickets issued, it is imperative you advise your Aspire Down Under travel consultant of the new details as failure to do so could result in denied boarding or entry into your destination. Aspire Down Under accepts no responsibility if you do not have the correct documentation for your vacation.

Special Requests

If you have any special requests, please inform us at the time of making your booking. We will make every attempt to ensure that the request is honored, HOWEVER we cannot guarantee such special requests will be met nor accept a booking based on a special request.

Airline Baggage Allowances

No two airlines follow the same baggage policy. As a rule, you are permitted the International checked baggage allowance (1 bag, maximum 50 pounds) when all your flights are issued on the same coach ticket. If you have different airlines issued on separate tickets, different baggage allowances will apply on your trip. When traveling in premium economy, business and first class additional baggage allowances will apply. In most cases your individual baggage allowance is clearly listed on your airline Eticket receipt or outlined in this itinerary for smaller aircraft, should you have any questions please ask your Aspire consultant.

Note for certain small aircraft & helicopter transfers a restrictive baggage allowance will apply. In such cases your Aspire consultant will advise you of the restrictions and in most cases baggage can be stored at the airport or operator’s departure location should your wish to.

Airline Seat Assignments

Where possible your Aspire Down Under consultant will pre-assign complimentary seating when available. In many cases the airlines flying to Australia, New Zealand & the South Pacific no longer offer complimentary pre-assigned seating and seats can now be selected on the airline website. If you would like to pre-purchase seating for your flights please use the airline booking number listed on your flight itinerary/Eticket receipt and select seats and pay directly to the relevant airline. When selecting seats, you will be given many options to consider besides standard seating such as extra legroom and exit rows.

If you would like to receive pricing options to upgrade your seat to a Skycouch, premium economy or business class seat please contact your Aspire consultant for an exact quote.

Frequent Flyer Mileage accrual

Most airlines that fly to Australia, New Zealand & the South Pacific partner with US based airlines to enable you to accrue mileage on a partner airline. Your Aspire consultant can enter your frequent flyer number into your reservation but by doing so is not a guarantee of mileage accrual. Many airlines no longer pay mileage on the lowest coach booking classes. In many cases, no mileage will apply for sale fares and in most discounted coach class airfares the maximum mileage accrued is 50%. Premium economy, business class and first-class reservations usually earn full and bonus mileage. Aspire Down Under does not take responsibility for the airlines policies for non-credit of mileage for certain airfare booking classes. Please ask your Aspire Down Under consultant if you require more information.

Responsibility of Aspire Down Under

Aspire Down Under purchases transportation, hotel accommodations, tours, and other services from various independent suppliers that are not subject to its control. Aspire Down Under cannot therefore be held liable for any personal injury or property damage, or any other special or consequential damages that may occur due to (a) intentional, wrongful, negligent, or arbitrary acts or omissions on the part of a supplier, its employees and others not under the direct control of Aspire Down Under or (b) defects or failures of any aircraft, vessel, automotive vehicle or other equipment or instrumentality under the control of independent suppliers.

In addition, Aspire Down Under cannot be liable for delays in departure or interruption of your vacation arrangements caused by weather conditions, technical problems of any aircraft, vessel, auto-motive vehicle or other equipment or instrumentality, strikes, war, terrorist activity, civil commotion, or any causes beyond the control of Aspire Down Under. In no event will Aspire Down Under be responsible for incidental, consequential or special or incidental damage or loss suffered by any person.

In issuing tickets and coupons for transportation of the purchaser by any means, and making arrangements for hotel or other accommodation, Aspire Down Under is not acting as principal but only as agent for the companies, corporations or persons providing or offering the means of transportation and accommodation.