Baltimore, Maryland, USA

My first memory of travel
I have so many family trip memories. We did a lot of cruises and beach getaways.

My first trip abroad
I went to Jamaica, Mexico, etc at a young age but it was the trip abroad to Japan that had the biggest impact on me.

Recent trips
In the past two years I have been to Australia, Fiji, South Africa, Tahiti, Iceland and lots of domestic travel.

My favorite place to travel
Australia! Having lived in Sydney, I truly think it’s one of the most amazing countries. My favorite thing about the destination is the diversity of landscapes. You have cities, mountains, beaches (that's just in Sydney), wine, wildlife, culture and more!

My dream vacation
This is a tough one! I am heading to South America soon and I know China is on my upcoming list. If I want to go somewhere, I find a way to get there. So I guess my dream vacation would be a trip around the world!

My ultimate survival accessory for international flights includes
A large pashmina/scarf! This is perfect to keep you warm, bundle up as an extra pillow, and just have throughout the trip.

My travel tips to make a long flight seem not quite as long
SLEEP! This helps pass the time. But I also recommend getting up and moving about the cabin to keep the blood flowing.

My favorite destination we sell
Sydney - because I am slightly biased. I also love Queenstown, New Zealand, the Mamanuca Islands in Fiji, and Bora Bora in French Polynesia.

My best travel advice
Try new things - it's ok to get out of your comfort zone a bit.

If I weren't in the travel industry, I would be busy making a living doing
Dance/fitness. I grew up as a dancer and pursued the career in Sydney after college. Now, I am a fitness instructor at a boutique studio in Manhattan. I am so lucky to be doing the two things I love as my jobs.

I fell in love with travel
I would say that I was bit by the travel bug in Japan. I had studied Japanese language and culture so I was fascinated to see all the things I had been learning in the classroom applied in real life – it really opened by eyes to experience the world.

What I love most about my job
Sharing my experiences and insight with clients to make their once in a lifetime trip possible. I also love working with honeymoon couples. This is such a special trip for them and it's important for them to pick a place they both have never been to, to start new memories together.

My happy place
With my husband and puppy, traveling.

My favorite travel companion
My husband. We met while travelling and it’s something we both love to do.

What I do when I'm not at work
When I'm not in the office, I am most likely taking workout classes or teaching. I love seeing my friends and enjoying the waterfront. However, if not during the week day, I am usually travelling to a new destination. I also write a blog about travelling and the different experiences you can do in each destinations to keep active. Follow me: @TravelFitLove or TravelFitLove

Email me for Australia, NZ, Fiji and Tahiti