London, England, United Kingdom

My first memory of travel
Boarding a plane, wow...

My first trip abroad
Corfu, Greece. The sun, water and beaches, what more could you ask for as a child. Although I don't remember enough sun cream and I do remember the sunburn...

Recent trips
Australia and Mexico. Taking my sons on many "first" adventures such as scuba diving, quad bike off road safari and ziplining.

My favorite place to travel
Australia has so many iconic places to enjoy but the North West is truly outstanding. Sleeping in a swag (outback sleeping bag) around a campfire with the Southern stars overhead and the outline of the Bungle Bungles as a backdrop is an unforgettable experience. However overall New Zealand would have to be number one, the country has everything. The landscape and scenery change dramatically in a short period, just pick up a rental car and hit the road. My favorite area would be the rugged west coast of the South Island where all the elements of nature are on display. Only one road, north and south, no need for a GPS here...

My ultimate survival bag for international flights includes
A good audiobook, oh and a sleeping pill is a good idea. The South Pacific airlines do a wonderful job of making the flight an enjoyable experience.

My travel tips to make a long flight seem not quite as long
So many people are stressed at airports. It always baffles me how people try to jump the line to board a plane, the plane isn't going anywhere....once on board just relax and enjoy. And trust me the feeling when you land down under early in the morning after that long flight is thoroughly worth it.

My favorite destination we sell
Tough to select just one .... Kangaroo Island has everything. The wildlife (think wallabies, goannas, koalas, kangaroos, echidnas, dolphins, sea lions, penguins, fur seals, eagles, whales and ospreys, just to name a few), the windswept coastline and the unique history of the island make it a "must see" inclusion on any Australia itinerary.

I fell in love with travel
Travel broadens the mind and senses, I could not imagine not wanting to travel

My best travel advice
Get expert advice, you can travel anywhere but there is an art to traveling well. Also if you are celebrating a "landmark" birthday you wish you weren't, travel down under the day before your birthday, you cross the date line and arrive the following morning and amazingly that 40th birthday disappeared....

What I love most about my job
The look of relief on people's faces when they know Aspire Down Under can remedy the burden of over information both online and offline. Australia, New Zealand and the islands offer so much, we enjoy guiding people to the right places at the right time to do the things they enjoy.

My happy place
Outdoors on a beautiful day

My favorite travel companion
My family

What I do when I'm not at work
Anything active, life's too short to sit around.

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