Swansea, New South Wales, Australia

Currently Reside
Perth, Western Australia, Australia

My first memory of travel
Growing up in a small coastal Australian town, our typical family vacation would consist of camping, or maybe driving to visit relatives. One year my parents surprised us with trip to The Gold Coast. It took us two days driving in each direction. Plane travel just wasn't as common then. We stayed in a fancy hotel with an elevator and went to all the usual theme parks – Dreamworld, SeaWorld & Grundys. I have great memories of this first "big" trip.

My first trip abroad
In high school I travelled to Japan as part of a student exchange. I remember being so excited to finally travel on a plane AND we were lucky enough to get upgraded to Business Class! I thought that this was standard for Airplane travel and fell in love with travel immediately. You can imagine my shock on the return flight when we were herded to the back of the plane. I stayed with a lovely Japanese family in a traditional home, eating unique foods and learning about a new culture. It was all very surreal and a real eye opener for a young girl who had never left the Aussie shores.

Recent trips
Sydney, Adelaide, Alice Springs, Uluru, Bali, Tasmania, Rottnest Island, Margaret River, New York City.

My favorite place to travel
Anywhere warm and tropical where I can read a book and drink a cocktail.

My ultimate survival bag for international flights includes
Chapstick, eye drops, face wipes, moisturizer, sleeping tablets, eye mask, shawl/pashmina, iPad, toothbrush/toothpaste and breath mints.

My travel tips to make a long flight seem not quite as long
A good book, movies and a glass or wine or three.

My favorite destination we sell
Tough one – I've always had a soft spot for Fiji. Once you get out to the islands, it is truly paradise. The locals are so genuinely friendly and always greet you with a smile and "Bula" (Fijian for hello and several other meanings, similar to Aloha in Hawaii).

I fell in love with travel
It's almost a rite of passage for Aussie kids to spend some time travelling after they graduate. I think we are just so far away from everything, we feel the need to take off at some point to see what else is "up there.” My "working holiday" was supposed to be a two year UK and Europe trip. 20 years later, including a 15 year stint in America, I finally settled back in Australia. I think as soon as I got a taste of travel, there was just no going back.

My best travel advice
Mix it up. Try different experiences – 5 star luxury and basic camping in national parks. Balance your holiday – busy, fast paced, intense days and rest days at leisure. Do a little research in advance and try to know a little about the destination you are visiting.

What I love most about my job
Learning a little about the client and trying to put myself in their mind to plan a trip I feel they would enjoy. I also really enjoy when a client does return and gets in touch to let me know what an amazing time they had.

My happy place
Home with my family.

My favorite travel companion
Someone who is fun, with a good sense of humor, up for anything and willing to try new things – but also happy to do their own thing from time to time.

What I do when I'm not at work
Taxi my kids around! School, sports, play dates, repeat. I also recently started up tap dancing again. It's a good workout I enjoy!

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