Huntingdon Valley, PA

My first memory of travel
When I was 10, we went on an amazing family trip to the Grand Canyon. I became a Junior Ranger. We learned about nature, the history of Grand Canyon, and protecting national parks.

My first trip abroad
When I was 12 I went to County Tipperary, Ireland to visit family and learn to sail.

Recent trips
Copenhagen, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Russia, Norway, Croatia, Australia, and Newport, Rhode Island for a family wedding.

My favorite place to travel

My dream vacation

My ultimate survival bag for international flights includes
Rose water face mist (so refreshing!), neck pillow, fuzzy socks, toothbrush+toothpaste, water, noise cancelling headphones!

My travel tips to make a long flight seem not quite as long
Be tired enough. It makes it easier to fall asleep. I try to sleep as much as possible so I pass the time quick and wake up in paradise! You would be surprised it really is not as bad as you would think!

My favorite destination we sell
Australia. The country is nearly the size of the US with nearly 1/14th of the population! It is amazing to experience so many untouched landscapes. Tons of waterfalls, lush rainforests, natural infinity pools, incredible coastal views, unique rock formations, flora and fauna along with all sorts of species you can't find anywhere else in the world! New Zealand is another majestic place with pristine waters, clean, fresh air, and unreal scenery. The best part of Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific is being able to experience the stunning natural beauty for yourself. Nothing beats the tranquility you feel being in such a special and remote destination.

My best travel advice
Keep an open mind. Be willing to try new things and take risks! Understand that issues may occur; however, it is all part of the journey. Also, it is wise to purchase travel insurance! You never know...

If I weren't in the travel industry, I would be busy making a living doing
Fitness! I love working out and motivating others.

I fell in love with travel
I have always loved traveling. A memory that stands out is when I was 15 on a cruise to Alaska. It was phenomenal! Cruising through glaciers, tasting the crisp, fresh air, panning for gold, salmon fishing (and then eating it later!) and being with my whole family (over 70 of us!) And again when I was 16 on my first trip to Sydney. I fell in love with the country and people. Aussie's are among the friendliest people in the world. Their humor is something to behold. I do not believe it is possible to have a bad time in Australia. Encouraging and guiding people to my favorite place on Earth. Hard to put into words how magical Australia and New Zealand are. I encourage as many people as possible to venture there. It exceeded my wildest dreams! There were so many moments that took my breath away and I remember thinking, "Is this honestly real life?!"

My happy place
Traveling is my happy place. I love exploring new places!

My favorite travel companion
My best friend Kat! We are on the same wave length. She is super easy and fun to travel with..

I'd love to take a trip with
All of my Aussie friends! They are hilarious and very fun to travel with.

What I do when I'm not at work
Working out, yoga/stretching, relaxing in the sunshine, reading inspirational books, cooking and eating delicious food.

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