Berkeley Heights, New Jersey

My first memory of travel
I remember going to the Bahamas with my family!

My first trip abroad

Recent trips
Jamaica, Thailand, Dominican Republic

My favorite place to travel
New Zealand, specifically Queenstown, Waiheke Island, Wellington and Auckland.

My dream vacation
I would love to do a trip around Europe. I also want to return to Asia.

My ultimate survival bag for international flights includes:
Headphones, neck pillow, good music, movies

My travel tips to make a long flight seem not quite as long
Get some sleep!! Watch a lot of movies, get up and move around a couple of times but mainly, try to sleep.

My favorite destination we sell
New Zealand!

My best travel advice
Take full advantage of all the time you have! Try to push through jet lag and just enjoy every single second that you spend there.

If I weren't in the travel industry, I would be busy making a living doing

I fell in love with travel
When I spent 5 months living in New Zealand as part of a study abroad program through my school.

What I love most about my job
Getting to sell places that I feel passionate about and truly love

My happy place
Sitting on the beach

My favorite travel companion
My Family

I'd love to take a trip with
My boyfriend. He hasn't taken a trip abroad yet so we want to plan something soon!

What I do when I'm not at work
Spending time with my dog, reading, hanging out with family and friends, playing music

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