Mittagong, NSW, Australia

My first memory of travel
I am one of 6 children so family holidays for us when I was younger usually consisted of road trips up or down the coast. These are my fondest and first memories and usually involved beach/lake swimming, bushwalking and bacon and egg breakfasts on the campsite barbie.

My first trip abroad
When I was about 7 and I went to visit my Grandma on her sheep farm in Scotland. I dont remember much, but I do remember using a baking tray to taboggan down a snowy hill!

Recent trips
London, Vienna, Australia

My favorite place to travel
I'm quite lucky in that I grew up in Australia, have lived in London for the last 4 years and have recently moved to New York which are three amazing countries! These aside, I would have to say (based solely on the food and pizza prevalence) that Italy would have to be my favorite place.

My dream vacation

My ultimate survival bag for international flights includes:
A spare 'mid flight/stop over' change of clothes, moisturizer, socks (the thicker the better!), cleansing wipes, a toothbrush/toothpaste but if the line for the bathroom is too long - breath mints. A hair tie (ladies, the static is real), a bottle of water - not necessary but nice to have as sometimes you want a little more than a cup and most importantly... snacks.

My travel tips to make a long flight seem not quite as long
Use the time to catch up on all the things you have been putting to one side because you 'dont have time' - now you do! Delete all the unwanted photos in your library or read that book you haven't got around to, I try to make it as productive as possible but that's just me. I also use it to minimize the jet-lag at the other end so do everything I can to adjust my body clock to my destination. This sometimes means having an extra coffee and staying awake when everyone is sleeping which is hard but worth it when you're starting your holiday jet-lag free!

My favorite destination we sell
Australia! Some may say I'm bias but it's truly a beautiful and unique country that has SO much to offer for everyone. I have a soft spot for tropical north QLD as I love the barrier reef, islands and the hidden rainforest fresh water swimming holes.

My best travel advice
See, experience and eat everything. Talk to locals and listen to their advice and recommendations as it will give you a richer and more unique experience.

If I weren't in the travel industry, I would be busy making a living doing
I would be busy making a living doing: Graphic design or something in a creative Industry/the arts

I fell in love with travel
When I moved to London. Europe was at my doorstep and I found myself using every opportunity to explore it and well and truly caught the travel bug!

What I love most about my job
The power of sharing knowledge and the ability to enrich and shape someone else's experience, its something I really love and enjoy.

My happy place
Anywhere with good music and/or good food!

My favorite travel companion
Definitely my friends as there's nothing better than travelling with like minded people who make you laugh.

I'd love to take a trip with
My ma!

What I do when I'm not at work
Explore New York! I love finding the hidden treasures of the city.

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