Hi Shelby, Thank you for everything.  We had a great time and would highly recommend your services. I wish you worked with more that the South Pacific so we could use you for more future trips.

The Shangri la and Langham in Sydney and Melbourne are great hotels in excellent locations with wonderful breakfast buffets

The Mayfair had small rooms and was not as nicely appointed but probably the best in Adelaide

Southern Ocean Lodge and Longitude 131 should be rated 7 stars and are truly outstanding in all regards (food, rooms, location and "experiences") and worth the expense for those who can afford it or have a bucket list wish. We slept outside on the porch both nights at Longitude 131 and the stars were amazing.

The Barossa valley tour was very good since it was just the two of us and they took us to top places and they got us to taste wines not offered to the general public (however it was 105 degrees that day)

The sailaway trip was first class but the snorkeling was below expectations due to it being overcast and rainy and the water being cloudy due to recent turbulence.

The Sydney and Melbourne tours were just about right and we had small groups for both (only four in Melbourne). Paul & Sharon, NJ - Jan 2018