If visiting New Zealand - The New Zealand government has recently implemented the requirement that all visitors traveling to New Zealand from 01 October 2019 must obtain an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) & pay an International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy. The NZeTA does not replace the Visa Waiver program and a visa will still be granted upon arrival into New Zealand, please ensure you have at least 6 months' validity on your passport at the time of travel. Aspire Down Under can process the NZeTA on your behalf and collect the International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy that is also being charged & collected by the New Zealand government at the time of processing NZeTA. The total fee for Aspire Down Under to process the NZeTA and collect the tourism levy on your behalf is US$50 per person.

Transit through New Zealand - If you pass through New Zealand on your way to another country and do not plan to stay you are called a transit passenger. From 1 October 2019 if you are in transit through New Zealand to or from Australia you must request an NZeTA before you leave for New Zealand. The total fee for Aspire Down Under to process the NZeTA as a transit passenger on your behalf is US$20 per person.



New Zealand - About

New Zealand’s awesome landscapes, lush forests, amazing wildlife and pleasant climate make it a haven for many outdoor activities, and a great place to unwind. New Zealand society is diverse, sophisticated, and multicultural, and the honesty, friendliness, and openness of Kiwis will impress you. And the great advantage of New Zealand is that all of its diverse physical, cultural, and artistic landscapes are so close to each other! The North Island of New Zealand has a 'spine' of mountain ranges running through the middle, with gentle rolling farmland on both sides. The central North Islands is dominated by the Volcanic Plateau, an active volcanic and thermal area. The massive Southern Alps from the backbone of the South Island. To the east of the Southern Alps is the rolling farmland of Otago and Southland, and the vast, flat Canterbury Plains.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers. What is the Weather & Climate like in New Zealand? Do I need to have a Passport and Visa to enter New Zealand? What is the time difference between New Zealand and the U.S.? What currency is used in New Zealand? What electric voltage does New Zealand use? Don't see your questions, ask an Aspire expert.

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New Zealand - Map

Interactive for reason, explore where the country and where you would like to go...

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