There is no better place than Queensland to experience the best of Australia’s very special lifestyle. Queensland has plenty of sunshine, spectacular beaches, natural wonders and unique nature and wildlife. A vacation in Queensland is all about freedom, fun and full, active days. Indulge in Queensland’s vibrant tropical atmosphere where you can mix with warm and welcoming locals. Enjoy world-class events, diverse shopping and mouthwatering fresh food and wine. Escape to the Great Barrier Reef and discover a place of vast beauty and natural wonders – an Australian tropical adventure brought to you by nature. In Cairns and Port Douglas, explore the only place on earth where two World-Heritage areas meet, adventures are as diverse as trekking through the ancient Daintree rainforest one day, to diving on the world’s largest coral reef the next. Relax in luxury in the Whitsundays, made up of 74 beautiful islands, most of which are uninhabited. A trip to the famous Whitehaven Beach is a must – a 4 mile stretch of one of the purest and whitest beaches on earth. The sheer size and abundant underwater life of the Great Barrier Reef will take your breath away. You can explore the many islands and coral cays, hundreds of species of coral and more than 1500 species of fish through a wide range of experiences, such as helicopter flights, semisubmersible submarines, cruises to the outer reef, island getaways, picnics on secluded sandy cays, and of course diving and snorkeling.

Hamilton Island, Kangaroo Island, Adelaide & Sydney from $5,999

16 Days/13 Nights: Combine stunning Sydney, the Great Barrier Reef at Hamilton Island with it's glorious warm weather, azure waters, awe-inspiring coral reefs and end your stay in Adelaide and Kangaroo Island - the best opportunity to observe and interact with Australian native wildlife. The island offers onlookers the chance to see sea lions sunbathing on the white beaches, koalas sleeping in eucalypts trees, pelicans flying overhead, and so many other wildlife encounters. More..

Green Island and Port Douglas from $3,099 per person

10 Days/7 Nights: Green Island Resort, located directly on the Great Barrier Reef, offers one of the most unique and memorable holiday accommodation locations in Australia. This wonderland of romance, adventure and indulgence will be yours to explore, long after the day visitors have left the island. Back on the mainland, enjoy the charming beach town of Port Douglas, where the Rainforest meets the Reef.

Hamilton Island Beach Club Resort and Two Night Whitsundays Adventure Sailing from $3,299 per person

10 Days/7 Nights: If you're looking for the ultimate in relaxation down under, Hamilton Island is for you. As the premier resort island in the Whitsunday group of 74 islands, Hamilton Island is just 10 miles from the Queensland coast, but a world away from the everyday. Fringed by coral in the World Heritage listed Great Barrier Reef, Hamilton Island sits on the eastern edge of the Reef and located just south of the brilliant white sands of renowned Whitehaven Beach.

Lizard Island and Silky Oaks from $6,899 per person

10 Days/7 Nights: Escape to a world leagues away from the ordinary with this magnificent package set in two of Australia's most treasured destinations. Begin your Australian experience at Lizard Island Resort, the most northern Great Barrier Reef resort where you can step off of the beach and swim directly on the amazing reef. After days of relaxation on the beach, change gears and head to Silky Oaks Lodge in the Daintree Rainforest. An equal yet different setting for ultimate relaxation, Silky Oaks is the perfect haven to stay, relax, rejuvenate, explore and experience.

Hamilton Island Reef View Hotel and Brisbane Adventure from $2,849 per person

11 Days/8 Nights: With so much to see and do, Australia is an incredible destination for the whole family and for children of all ages. Hamilton Island will give you and your family plenty of time to kick back and relax, with the Hamilton Island Reef View Hotel providing a multitude of activities for the whole family to enjoy. Just an hour flight from Hamilton Island to Brisbane, you'll find this capital city also provides your family with numerous activities and outdoor experiences sure to leave you with amazing family vacation memories.

qualia and Spicers Peak Lodge from $4,649 per person

10 Days/7 Nights: For the essential Australian island and country luxury, look no further than qualia, located on Hamilton Island, and Spicers Peak Lodge, located just outside Brisbane. Complementary to each other, both qualia and Spicers Peak Lodge will allow you to indulge yourself and provide some of the best experiences Australia has to offer.