Joanne, Cory and I wish to thank you for what was, without question, the most spectacular vacation of our lives. From the moment we arrived in Savusavu and put ourselves in Aspire Down Under's fully capable hands, to the moment we touched down at LAX on December 18th, we were in heaven. The entire itinerary was seamless, and every detail was just as you said it would be. We didn't have a single hiccup, and that's due entirely to the professionalism, courtesy, and attention to detail that you have exemplified from day one of our interaction.

I know I'm not always the easiest customer to deal with (I believe that my name and photograph are in the dictionary right next to "obsessive compulsive"), but you never made me feel anything other than cared for, and that manifested itself on the journey itself, which was simply tremendous. Should we ever venture back to that part of the world, and with any luck we will, you and Aspire Down Under will be our first point of contact. Cory & Stark, New York - Jul 2011