News Tue, 05 Oct 2021 06:27:36 +1100 en-us Announcement of Changes to Australian Border Restrictions Tue, 05 Oct 2021 06:27:36 +1100 <p>In line with the National Plan that was published by the Australian Government in July, large parts of the country will be moving from Phase B to Phase C as vaccination rates nudge closer to the 80% fully vaccinated threshold. Under the plan, from next month, and following a pilot of home quarantine in NSW and South Australia, fully vaccinated Australian travellers will be able to leave Australian shores and return to undertake home quarantine in states and territories that are ready to do so. This will be a 7 day at home quarantine and will apply to Australian Citizens and Permanent residents fully vaccinated with a vaccine approved for use in Australia or &lsquo;recognized&rsquo; by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). Australian Citizens and Permanent Residents who are unvaccinated or who are vaccinated with a vaccine not approved or recognized by the TGA will still be subject to managed 14 days quarantine requirements.</p> <p>It is important to highlight that it will be down to each individual state to implement these plans based on each of the states varying levels of vaccination rate, but it is expected that New South Wales will be ready to implement these arrangements in November.</p> Air New Zealand to introduce 'no jab, no fly' for international travellers from1 February 2022 Tue, 05 Oct 2021 06:24:06 +1100 <p>Air New Zealand is asking customers to get ready for international travel by getting vaccinated. From 1 February 2022, all customers travelling anywhere on its international network will be required to be fully vaccinated.</p> <p>The following will apply for mandatory COVID-19 vaccination</p> <ul> <li>All customers aged 18 and over are required to be vaccinated from 1 February 2022.</li> <li>Customers arriving or departing New Zealand on an Air New Zealand aircraft.</li> <li>Customers with medical reasons preventing them from being vaccinated will be exempt. More information on exemptions will be available in due course.</li> <li>Mandatory vaccination will be required on Air New Zealand international services from 1 February 2022. This requirement will not apply to Air New Zealand domestic services at this time.</li> </ul> Welcome To Our New Site Wed, 27 Apr 2011 06:34:38 +1000 <p>Our previous website had been published since 2003, it expanded and mushroomed over the years as the company grew. The re-developed site is intended to simplify&nbsp;and&nbsp;focus on our&nbsp;strengths as&nbsp;South Pacific&nbsp;experts with extensive knowledge and a passion for the destinations we offer.</p> <p>Also the number of&nbsp;platforms where any website is now viewed has changed beyond recognition&nbsp;over the past decade. The re-developed site&nbsp;is better suited to these demands and to future&nbsp;browsing options.</p> <p>Any comments and feedback on the&nbsp;re-developed site are greatly appreciated - please&nbsp;email <a href=""></a></p> <p>&nbsp;</p>