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The world’s smallest continent and largest Island, is like nowhere else. It’s as big as the continental United States but has a population of only 23 million people. It’s young, adventurous and friendly with unique animals and a fantastic climate. Australia’s icons range from the awesome beauty and wild colors of the natural icons such as Ayers Rock & Great Barrier Reef to the famous man-made icons such as the Opera House and Sydney Harbor Bridge. With an extensive transport network, you can explore Australia in as little as two weeks and create your own unique vacation experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers. What is the Weather & Climate like in Australia? Do I need to have a Passport and Visa to enter Australia? What is the time difference between Australia and the U.S.? What currency is used in Australia? What electric voltage does Australia use? Don't see your questions, ask an Aspire expert.

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Interactive for reason, explore where the country and where you would like to go...

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