This full day adventure delivers the best of both worlds. Your guided journey starts with the thrills of a Dart River Wilderness Jet trip, and continues with a serene wilderness walk through the ancient beech forest of Mount Aspiring National Park. The only way to navigate the shallow glacial waters of the Southern Alps is by the great Kiwi innovation that revolutionised high-country transport - the jet boat. Our jet boat drivers have superb skills behind the wheel and know their river intimately. Your driver will take frequent stops on this unique 35km journey to explain the geology and lore of the ancient and unspoiled lands you traverse.

Just over one-and-a-half fascinating hours later, your guide will meet you at a secret spot on the banks of the Dart River. They will then lead you on a very gentle ascent under a canopy of native beech forest where nature provides the soundtrack of birdsong.

Guided Walks New Zealand has exclusive off track access in this area so you're assured of a truly unique experience. The vast numbers of plant species compete for your attention, along with the orchestra of native bird life. Your guide will point out your new and inquisitive travelling companions as they stop by to look you over.

A delicious picnic lunch is taken on the shores of Lake Sylvan where you may be joined by some of NZ’s most iconic birds such as Bush Robins, Fantails and Tomtits. The lake’s brooding waters have a reddish-brown tint picked up from plants by its feeder streams on their journey down the hillsides over the 11,000 years of its existence. Lake Sylvan teems with native trout and the most attractive species of geese and ducks when in season.

Winding back from the lake, the track ambles through to the Routeburn, flowing down the very edge of the forest and on to your luxury transport. From there, it’s a short drive through rich farmland to Glenorchy, where you might like to enjoy a brief refreshing stop in the local cafe before the trip back to Queenstown.

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